Accountancy Prices Nottingham

Accounting Prices in Nottingham

Whether you just need a quick sole-trader tax return completed or a full Corporate Tax Return with VAT Registration, we offer an all-encompassing service for ever facet of business accounting and have listed all of our accountancy prices in Nottingham below.

Each price is based upon how well organised the your accounts and paperwork are, if we are required to sort through numerous receipts and compile income and expenditure into a form of bookkeeping then there will be additional fees, however this will of course be discussed with you prior to the commencement of any work.

Accountancy Prices Nottingham
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Accountancy Price List

Self-Assessment Tax Return

We use all of the income and expenditure details from your self-employed business accounts to complete your Self-Assessment tax return and save you money through professional tax management techniques to correctly list all allowable expenses as deductions from your yearly tax bill.

£275.00 – Simple (well kept documentation and paperwork of accounts)

£375.00 – Complicated (unkept documentation and paperwork of accounts requiring additional bookkeeping services)

Partnership Tax Return

Once we have completed the personal Self-Assessment Tax Returns for each partner, we will then use all of the information from those to complete the Partnership Tax Return for HMRC.

£275.00 – 2 partners

£375.00 – 3 to 5 partners

Limited Company Returns

Limited Companies have much more paperwork to sort through and submit to HMRC and Companies House including Annual Return, Micro Accounts, Corporation Tax Return, Tax Computations and Full Accounts.

£970.00 – Non-VAT Registered Ltd Company

£1200.00 – VAT Registered Ltd Company

VAT Returns

Once your business or company becomes VAT Registered you will then be required by law to complete and submit VAT Returns on either a quarterly or annual basis which we can do for you. We can even help with setting your business or company up to become VAT Registered, just contact us for more information.

£400.00 (4 x Quarterly VAT Returns or 1 x Annual VAT Return)

Monthly Ongoing Bookkeeping and Accounting

If you struggle with running your day-to-day business accounts then we offer an ongoing bookkeeping and accounting service in which we will take care of all the hard work for you and use your bank statements and expense receipts to compile your ongoing business accounts.

£15.00 per month – Online
We provide you with access to your very own cloud accounting software in which you simply need to take pictures or upload files of all receipts/statements which we use to compile your business accounts.

£95.00 per month – Physical
If you would prefer to simply post your receipts/bank statements etc then we can also provide ongoing bookkeeping/accountancy on a ‘physical’ basis where we will sort through everything and use the information to complete your business accounts.

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