The fundamental part of business accounts and tax preparation is the administrative burdened bookkeeping duties. If any of this data is not right, then everything else falls apart. So why spend time and energy trying to keep up accounting administration when a professional could do it for you, giving you more time to focus on running your business?

How it Works

Bookkeeping works two-fold. Firstly, ongoing bookkeeping is the best way to keep on top of your business finances and ensure income, outgoings and cashflow are keeping your bank balance healthy. Secondly, in the event of an HMRC investigation your records will need to be accurate with an audit trail in place to track the source documentation of any income or expenditure.

In order to produce the most accurate up to date figures as possible, we use a cloud based accounting software system called Zlogg which we explain in more detail further down the page.

From here we then produce your:

• Management Accounts
• Statutory Accounts
• Various other useful reports

This then ensures your business administration is taken care of and allows you to freely run your business without any worries.

Zlogg is an online cloud-based accounting system which allows us to keep ongoing and updated records of your business transactions by logging all of your income and expenses as well as capturing receipts/invoices etc in case you ever need proof for the HMRC. The system not only allows us to log and manage all of your finances but it also keeps a live-feed of how your business finances are doing. This then allows you the ability to log in and see your business finances at the click of a button on any device! Once registered with our bookkeeping service we will simply give you your very own Zlogg login account which then enables you to check ‘live’ how your business finances going with easy to view charts showing valuable information such as income/expenditure.

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