VAT is one of those taxes no one likes. Either you charge it and your product and services are expensive for the end user or you suffer the tax yourself and reduce your profits. As soon as you become VAT registered you will then legally have to keep up to date records of all your business expenditure and income specifically in relation to value added tax.

How it Works
If you make a mistake or submit your VAT Return late then the HMRC will hit you with penalties and surcharges. So why worry about all of this?

• We will advise you which is the best VAT method for you. Depending on your business one may be better than the other for you.
• We discuss the flat rate VAT scheme
• We will submit your VAT Return
• We advise on when is the best time to register or de-register
• We will represent you when dealing with the HMRC

Once we have VAT covered, this will leave you free to run your business.

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