External Audits

External Audits

An external audit consists of us performing an independent check of all your business accounts and finance operations, which we then ensure are in accordance with specific laws set out by the HMRC and also consider whether all practices adhere to the rules specified by the financial statements of your company.

How it Works
We provide External Audits to ensure your internal documentation is accurate and meets professional reporting standards. It is good practice to regularly employ the services of an external auditor to ensure you are gaining an independent, unbiased outlook of your company finances to ensure your numbers are accurate and help fight against internal fraud and other misdemeanors that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

In addition, to ensure your business is running properly, we can also perform an External Business Audit to give your company a Business MOT.

The Business MOT report will detail our findings on your companies strengths and weaknesses and offer our conclusions and recommendations. It is then up to you to implement any of our suggestions.

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