Tax Planning

Tax Planning

As a business you benefit from and are entitled to a reduction in the tax you pay by utilising the allowable expenses set out by the government. With careful planning these allowances can save you a LOT of money off your tax bill at the end of the year and is why our Tax Planning service is so important.

How it Works
Firstly, there are two phrases within the world of tax planning, 'Tax Evasion' and 'Tax Avoidance'.

Tax Evasion - we don’t do that. This is illegal.

Tax Avoidance - Yes, this is what we do and it's 100% legal.

Everybody is different therefore everyone's tax affairs are not the same. So under the tax avoidance banner you are allowed to organise your tax affairs in order to minimise your tax. This is tax planning.

Within this service we will advise you on the full range of taxes available to you and show you what areas you can claim for which you may not be utilising. We will also advise on best practises and how to watch out for the 7 Deadly Taxes:

• National Insurance Tax
• Personal Tal
• Corporation Tax
• Capital Gains Tax
• Stamp Duty Land Tax
• Value Added Tax
• Inheritance Tax

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