Corporation Tax Returns

Corporation Tax Returns

Corporation or 'Company' Tax Returns form the basis of how much tax your company owes to the HMRC. If your tax return is incorrect in any way, you will face a fine. You will also face fines if you fail to file your return on time. Therefore having a professional accountant complete your company tax return is imperative.

How it Works
Attempting to complete your company tax return yourself will mean you having to deal with HMRC and all their complicated tax laws - then if anything is completed in error, it can even lead to imprisonment. That’s why we are here to help you.

Instead of worrying about it, leave that to us. We will;

• Complete and file your company tax return
• Complete and file your tax calculations
• Help to minimise your company tax
• Make use of all the reliefs and losses available for your company
• Represent you in matters dealing with the HMRC

Whilst we do all of this, you will be free to concentrate on running your business.

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